Got snow! Update 12/12/17

Tuesday’s Canadian Clipper on Steroids came through for us in a big way. I ended up with 8+ inches at the ilsnow storm center in Indian Lake.

Further south, amounts were generally clustered around a foot along the Route 8 corridor. Morehouse was the big winner with 15 inches.

Midweek Outlook

This dump of snow doesn’t put us in mid-season form by any stretch, but we have moved the needle in the right direction. When you go out riding, beware of the typical early season hazards like rocks, swampy areas and downed trees.

I can tell you that Moose River Plains is OPEN and the Town of Indian Lake has groomed our portion from the end of Cedar River Road to Silver Run.

As for Perkins Clearing, I’ve heard that the lower end of Perkins Clearing Road into Mud Lake Road will be plowed for logging and closed to snowmobiles for the season. That would require use of the “lower Perkins bypass” which was in place last season for the direct connect to Speculator. I haven’t been down to Perkins Clearing to see whether the gate is open at the north end. But I imagine it would be open soon, if not already.

The local “woods” trails need to get packed down to drive down the frost and freeze up the swampy areas. Any grooming on those trails would be on a limited scale until the swampy hazards freeze. The locals have been out today to start packing the Indian Lake trails, led by our own Cal Stanton:


You can check the bulletin board for trail reports as they come in.


STAY – OFF – THE – LAKES! I don’t want to read about you falling through the ice on Facebook or the Hamilton County Express.

That’s it for now!

For the ilsnow nation,


This report is brought to you by Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce. Speculator has long been one of my favorite places to ride! There are lots of options, whether you want to ride around Speculator for the day, or launch a 250 mile mega-miler. Speculator is loaded with businesses eager to cater to snowmobilers. Look them up at the Speculator Chamber and grab a copy of their snowmobile trail map. Be sure to tell them that Darrin @ sent you.

Snow Conditions and Outlook: Update 12/8/17

12/11/17 Update

The lake-effect snow guns were kind to us Sunday & Sunday night and dropped 5 inches of air-fluff snow on Indian Lake, which is nearly our total snow cover at the moment.

Snow cover increases to around a foot as you traverse Moose River Plains into the western Adirondacks. 

Midweek Outlook

Looking good with another 6-12 inches of snow on the way for Tuesday and a blast of bitterly cold air for Wednesday. If you decide to hit Moose River Plains, beware of the usual early season hazards like rocks, washouts and low lying/fallen trees. 

By the way, I’m not sure whether the gates to Moose River Plains have been opened for snowmobile traffic yet, it may be better to wait until we get Tuesday’s storm so DEC would be compelled to open them due to sufficient snow accumulation. 

12/8/17 Report

Snodeo Weekend is here, so I’d say it’s high time for my first “official” update of the year.

The northwest Adirondacks got creamed with Thursday’s lake-effect snow event with some places getting more than a foot of pow-pow!

But further south, the snow was just cosmetic with no base under it. I’ll let the web-cam pics from Friday morning tell the story:

Downtown Indian Lake


The Ole Barn, Inlet


Rec Center Parking Lot, Old Forge

Far be it from me to tell you what to do, but I’m not hard-up enough to ride Moose River Plains this weekend on what we got now.

I’m sure that some people will be taking their sleds to Snodeo to ride around a bit. But I’m more than content to wait until there is actually some kind of a base to ride on.  Snows on Sunday will be minor and not add much to the “pile”.

Next week?

Another lake-effect snow is in the cards for Sunday night, which will deposit beneficial snows over Moose River Plains into the western Adirondacks.

Monday will be a cold, but quiet day while a Canadian clipper system approaches:

There are some indications this may give us a decent snowfall on Tuesday. Sometimes, we get the Clipper on Steroids. But I have seen these kind of systems fizzle on approach. At this point, we’re sitting on “wait-and-see”. Read More…

To Snodeo Weekend, and beyond!

Opening Day for the 2017-18 snowmobiling season came and went without any fanfare.

It was a beautiful day to take a walk, but that’s not what we’re looking for at this point. 😉

So? How about Snodeo Weekend?

There should be one meaningful snow opportunity prior to the weekend: A lake-effect snow event centered on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the wind trajectory will probably be from the west-southwest for the heart of the event, placing the significant snows well northwest of Moose River Plains:

The weekend seems to offer some promise with a deep trough approaching the eastern United States:

Unfortunately, the polar and subtropical jets appear to be totally disjointed with little chance of phasing into a significant snow event. The model-ology is all over the place with timing of the energy pieces. There will be chances for accumulating snow over the weekend, but nothing to really latch onto yet.

Bottom line

Unless Thursday’s lake-effect snows dip much further south than expected and/or the weekend gels in a way that I’m not foreseeing right now, our prospects to ride Moose River Plains on Snodeo Weekend seem rather sketchy. But at least it would be seasonably cold with the feeling of winter in the air and some white on the ground.

Next Week? Siberian Express!

You can’t draw it up for cold much better than this:

An excellent cross-Polar flow should become established between the massive western North American ridging (PNA+/EPO-) and Polar Vortex parked under the Greenland Block (NAO-).

The position of the Polar Vortex appears to favor Canadian clippers and lake-effect snows as opposed to true nor’easters taking it to the house here. But it only takes one Canadian clipper on steroids to get Moose River Plains busy in a hurry for us!

One thing for sure: It will turn mighty cold next week! Even if we don’t get major snow, we’ll be freezing up the swamps and icing over the lakes with sub-zero nights. We can certainly do worse in mid December. 🙂

For the ilsnow nation,


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