My early thoughts for Winter 2015-16

My early thoughts for Winter 2015-16

The building El Niño is big news! I certainly don’t want to downplay it in regards to what might happen this winter.

But there is another big player on the board: the warm phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO+) which has deepened the drought in the western United States and was largely responsible for our brutally cold heart of last winter. Yes, the warm PDO is still massive and probably not going away!

In the video, I search for analogue years with historically strong El Niño and big time warm PDO and explain what that might mean for the upcoming winter:

ilsnow storm center 8/17/15

Let me be clear in that we don’t have the whole picture yet. But I do believe we have at least a couple pieces of the puzzle. As the fall progresses, we’ll need to monitor the advance of snow pack in Siberia. Read More…

Essex Chain Lakes Complex: Call to Action!

DECDEC recently held public meetings at the Newcomb Central School and the Indian Lake Theater in regards to the Essex Chain Lakes Complex Draft Plan. I attended the meeting at the Indian Lake Theater last week (July 9th). It wasn’t a packed house, but it was well attended.

For snowmobiling, the biggest push in this plan is to construct a bridge over the Cedar River on Chain Lakes Road, near where the old bridge got washed out in the 1970s. Another facet of the plan is to maintain the present Polaris Bridge over the Hudson River to facilitate a connection from Indian Lake to Minerva.

Click onto the following thumbnail to get a close up of what DEC wants to do:

Essex Chain Lakes Complex Snowmobile Plan

Essex Chain Lakes Complex Snowmobile Plan

Keep in mind that Alternatives “A” and “B” into the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest are just that: Alternatives. DEC would not be constructing both trails. I favor Alternative “B” because that would give a more direct connection to Minerva from Indian Lake. Read More…

8th Annual ADK Trails Conference

The 8th Annual Adirondack Trails Conference will be held Saturday, May 9th at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake from 10am to 2pm. Coffee, water and cookies will be available at the meeting.

The ADK Trails Conference is an excellent way to get in touch with what’s happening with snowmobiling in the Adirondacks. Issues that need to be addressed can always be presented for discussion along with possible resolutions.

Over the past several years, a great partnership has been forged between the towns, DEC, APA, and the club volunteers involved with producing and maintaining the snowmobile trails we have here in the Adirondacks.

This is also a great opportunity for fellowship with riders and to make new contacts. I’ve been to two of the annual conferences and came away with valuable information both times.

Attendance is limited to 50, so please RSVP to NYSSA Trail Coordinator Jim Rolf as soon as possible at email:

If the weather’s good, you could have a really nice bike ride up here and grab a bite to eat after the meeting. Believe it or not, there is more to the Adirondacks than winter. 😉

If you have not been to the Adirondack Hotel, let Google maps show you the way.

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