Winter 2016-17 Outlook

With all of these predictions for “La Niña Super Cold and Snowy Winters” people are starting to ask me what I think this winter might bring.

It’s a bit amusing because my Winter Outlook 2015-16 was just about as wrong as it could be. I think the only thing I got right was that winter would be slow to arrive. But then again, did winter ever really arrive?

Seriously… I think that winter outlooks are pretty meaningless. Even if you get the general idea correct, it’s impossible to nail the details well enough for any useful planning.

But people keep asking for winter outlooks, so who am I to disappoint?

Here it goes…

Looking to the Pacific Ocean:

The sea-surface temperature anomalies show a large blob of warm water in the northeast Pacific Ocean (warm PDO+) and a weak La Niña along the equatorial Pacific illustrated by the cooler waters:


To be sure, the strong El Niño that plagued us last winter is long gone:


So, I would say this winter should be a different animal than last winter based on the fact that El Niño is history. The warm PDO+ is a variable in our favor which tends to produce warming over the western United States and the resultant tele-connective cooling over the eastern United States in the winter. Read More…

Need help for Boreas Ponds Classification!

Hello..You haven’t heard from me in a while!

After last year’s pathetic excuse for a winter, I’m content to wash the stink off and reboot for this winter.

Onto the important stuff:



The Boreas Ponds is another tract that New York State will classify soon. If given the Wild Forest Classification, the Boreas Ponds tract would provide a good opportunity for a snowmobile connection from Newcomb to North Hudson. As present, there are NO good snowmobile connections from ilsnow land into the eastern Adirondacks. Read More…

Game Over…

The Fat Ole’ Lady is singing loud and clear!

Temperatures well into the 60s Wednesday afternoon sent snowmelt into hyper-drive.

Update 3/10/16: NYS DEC has closed all snowmobile trails and seasonal access roads on Forest Preserve, State Forest and Conservation Easement Lands in the Adirondacks. Towns of Webb & Inlet have closed their snowmobile trail system.



Winter is dead, but its spirit lives on at Old Forge SnoFest, running Friday, March 11th and Saturday, March 12th.

The manufacturers probably won’t be able to offer demo rides on their premier 2017 models, but SnoFest goes on…with or without snow!

Call the Old Forge Visitor Information Center at 315-369-6983 for more information.

Wrapping it up…

This winter was a dud from start to finish, easily the worst snowmobiling season I can recall. We can only hope for better next winter.

Barring a late-March surprise, this will be my final commentary for this season. It’s been an honor and privilege to serve the ilsnow nation for another winter.

Before you leave me for the off-season, drop me a line to say what you liked about or what you’d like me to change. My goal is always to provide useful information that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

You can contact me at:




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