Why you SHOULD join DRAG of Speculator

Dedicated Residents to Area Grooming (DRAG) of Speculator was created in 2004 by Bob Carr and Rick Swift to help the Town of Lake Pleasant maintain the village trails. Like any other start-up, DRAG started with old, small pieces of grooming equipment. Through paid sponsorships and donations, DRAG has been able to upgrade their grooming fleet and become essentially responsible for grooming all trails east of Route 30 in Speculator, which includes the village, C4/Melody Lodge and the Speculator Tree Farm.

DRAG of Speculator has taken the big step of becoming a NYSSA club. This allows DRAG to receive money from the New York State Snowmobile Trail Fund. I encourage you to join DRAG of Speculator for the following reasons:


It is no accident that DRAG of Speculator’s co-founders Bob Carr and Rick Swift won 2012 NYSSA Groomer of the Year and Snowmobile Dealer of the Year. I will let the videos to the talking:

Bob Carr – 2012 Groomer of the Year

Rick Swift – 2012 Snowmobile Dealer of the Year

More effective grooming for all of the Speculator and Lake Pleasant area

With DRAG of Speculator receiving sufficient funds and insuring to maintain all Speculator area trails east of Route 30 full time, the Town of Lake Pleasant will be freed up to concentrate their grooming efforts in Perkins Clearing, Fawn Lake/Big Brook and the legendary 2 Miles from Hell connecting Perkins Clearing Road to Lewey Lake. This will improve the overall snowmobile riding for a large chunk of the south central Adirondacks: A WIN-WIN for everybody!

I snapped this picture from the C4/Melody Lodge trail ON A WEEKEND! I think many of us can remember the “pre-DRAG” days when that trail was almost always horrible, no matter how much snow was on it:

C4-Melody Lodge Trail in Speculator

In addition to the other clubs that you’ll join, I urge you to join DRAG of Speculator on NYSSA’s web site. Don’t put this off until winter. The sooner you join, the sooner your clubs will have the funds to groom our trails. Let’s face it: If you don’t have the extra $20 to join DRAG of Speculator, then you probably can’t afford go snowmobiling. If you wish to contribute above and beyond the standard fee, DRAG will continue to take donations. I have been donating to DRAG of Speculator regularly since its inception 8 years ago.

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