Weather Update: Lowdown on the Adirondack chilldown for mid-October

The weather will feel pretty balmy for the next couple of days, but big changes are on the way as cold air begins to build over Canada.

This panel shows a blustery cold blast penetrating into the northeastern United States by the end of next week.  If this panel is correct, snow will be in the air in the heart of the Adirondacks on or about October 12th:

Weather map

What will this mean for our winter weather?

Probably nothing yet. This is not extremely cold weather for mid-October in the Adirondacks. The panel also shows large wave of warm air over western Canada that will wash over the United States after the cold shot departs. As we press through October into November, we’ll need to watch the build up of Eurasian and Canadian snow cover and prevailing large scale circulation patterns to get a general idea of what weather we may expect for the first months of winter.

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