Video footage of Ohio Tavern Flat Drags 12/2/12

Darrin Jr and I took a jaunt down to the Ohio Tavern today to watch the SHCRA Snowmobile Flat Drags. Despite the scant snow cover and rain, there was a pretty good turnout. I must say that it did hurt to see those snowmobiles churning up rooster tails of dirt and stone. After an hour and a half in the rain, we had nice warm lunch at the Tavern then headed for home. In Speculator, we stopped at Village Motorsports and met the DRAG of Speculator crew getting their equipment locked and loaded for winter. It was nice talking to Bob Carr, Rick Swift, Big Mike and Paul Allen.

All in all, we had a great day. The racing sounds and smells have me really itching for winter. 🙂

Check out some video that I shot. Adjust the resolution to “HD” for best results:

The Ohio Tavern expects to host Flat Drags again in mid-February with exact date to be determined. I expect much better track conditions by then.

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