Woodgate Shootout Video from 12/7/12

Here is some video I shot from the Woodgate Shootout on Friday:

Don’t ask me about results. These sleds were hitting 90mph on grass within a short distance. They are ALL fast to me!

I met a lot of great people at the Shootout in Woodgate and Snodeo in Old Forge. That kind of interaction motivates me to work even harder to provide the best weather and snowmobiling information. It’s a honor for me to serve the snowmobiling community through ilsnow.com: one of the few things I get to do just for the sheer fun. 🙂

There are a lot a bad vibes right now with the mild and rainy conditions, and understandably so. We’ve had bad starts to winters that end up being pretty good. So keep the faith and we’ll make it to the other side. I’ll be taking a look into the longer range and see if I can find some tangible signs of hope.

I’ll leave a few pictures on my way out the door. Click onto the pics for the blow-up sizes:


Curve Industries

Curve Industries knows how to dress up a sled.

Polaris Assault

That's just a flat out beast!

Arctic Cat

Looking for snow in all the wrong places

Ski Doo at Snodeo

Maybe my next sled?

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