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Snowmobiling Conditions for 1/31/13 with Weekend Outlook

We survived the Thaw! Rainfall Wednesday afternoon and night was generally in the 1.00-1.50 inch range, which was not as bad as some of the dire predictions. But the rain, combined with temperatures reaching 50*F did its fair share of damage. The typical low lying swampy and wet areas are a mess now. Lakes had […]


Pain! Update 1/29/13

Although the upcoming Thaw will be short lived, it will be very damaging. Here’s the setup for the main event Wednesday night into early Thursday: We’ve got a monster storm carving its way through the Great Lakes tapping into a subtropical plume. Not good at all! Meso-NAM is depicting widespread 1-2 inch rain with localized […]


Indian Lake to Speculator 1/29/13

After we got the half-foot of snow yesterday, I knew what had to be done: I would blow off work and take Darrin Jr out of school to go for a ride before we get hit full bore with the next Thaw! The snow really helped the Indian Lake village trails tremendously and the groomers […]