Snowmobiling Conditions for 1/14/13

There is no doubt that Adirondack snowmobiling took a big hit this weekend. I hope you got to have some fun Saturday before the Thaw did the majority of its dirty work!

We lost a lot of snow. I measured 16 inches of snow on my lawn Friday morning, now it’s down to 9 inches. Temperatures are starting to fall, but it was still near 40*F as of 9AM this morning. The saving grace that that we got VERY little rain from the Thaw, LESS THAN 0.10 inch at the storm center. That saved our trails from getting washed out. We’ll live to ride another day!

Midweek Snowmobiling Outlook:

The base is still largely intact, but the woods trails will have some rocks sticking out, spots worn down to dirt, and some water holes. As temperatures fall below freezing tonight, the leftover snow will freeze up hard. My best advise would be to keep your sled at home until we get some snow to freshen things back up. Lake effect snows Wednesday night may be enough to freshen up places like Perkins Clearing, Moose River Plains and Powley Road by Thursday. Keep in mind that the north end of Perkins Clearing Road will be especially thin due to the previous early winter plowing/logging. The Inlet end of Moose River Plains usually gets pretty thin from Red River T to the Limekiln Road after a thaw.

If you didn’t get up here to ride before the Thaw did its dirty work, you can always check out my ride videos from the previous week. Just a reminder of what you missed by staying home. 😉

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