Snowmobiling Conditions for 1/25/13 with the Weekend Outlook

Marginal snowmobiling conditions will be the rule this weekend. But you can have some fun if you’re smart about it. The heavily-traveled narrow woods trails will be bony, but the groomers have been out trying to make the best of what we’ve got.

Best snowmobile riding should be found on the seasonal roads like Perkins Clearing, Moose River Plains and Powley Road.

Bitter cold this week has created a lot of ice on the lakes. But riding on lakes is always at your own risk and ice thicknesses are still below normal for late January.

In general, the snow cover on the lakes range from glare ice patches to an inch or two of snow.

It will remain very cold this weekend, so dress for survival.

Known Indian Lake Snowmobiling Hazards:

C8/Sabael trail between Route 30 and Pashley Road: Frozen water hazards.

C8/Adirondack Mountain Sport to Cedar River Headquarters: A few frozen water hazards.

S84/Blue Mountain Trail: Frozen water hazards, especially between Rock Lake and Newcomb trail intersection.

Newcomb Trail: Icy and rutty conditions on Joseph Mountain bypass.

Moose River Plains: Very thin conditions enroute to Inlet past the Red River T.

Known Speculator Snowmobiling Hazards:

C4 between HM104 and HM105 (The Hill): Very thin and rocky due to southerly exposure and low snow.

C4 between HM103 and HM104: Usually rough in low snow conditions. Use LP3 by Oak Mountain for alternative.

C4 near HM100 (River Trail): Click here for explanation. Best alternative for River Trail is to use sidewalk trail to Mountain Market then hit LP4 to enter village trail system.

C4/C8 between HM116 and Sacandaga Lake (Big Brook/Fawn Lake trails): Usually in poor condition due to heavy traffic and lack of grooming.

C4 through the woods from River Trail to HM117 in Tree Farm: Usually in very rough in low snow conditions.

Bottom line:

It’s another snowmobiling weekend by the skin of our teeth. In case you haven’t heard by now, there will be a significant warm-up next week: perhaps a thaw by Tuesday or Wednesday. The cold will come back quickly, but there is no guarantee of meaningful snow before the next weekend.

Don’t forget Saturday’s Hill Climbs at Oak Mountain and Sunday’s Flat Drags at the Ohio Tavern this weekend!

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