Indian Lake Snowmobile Ride 1/27/13

Adirondack Mountain Sports repaired the damage from my ill-fated ride a week ago. So Darrin Jr and I picked up the ole’ XP and did some riding this afternoon. The inner village trails were snirty and had some small chop. There were a corners scuffed down to dirt, but overall the trails were not bad for the relative lack of snow and the weekend traffic. 42nd and Broadway was pretty nice. Little Canada between the Route 30 One Stop and the Lone Birch was nice; just one or two rocks to worry about closer to the One Stop.

Sabael trail was well worn and snirty, but it wasn’t in the worst shape either. The groomers managed to fill in much of the frozen water hazards. There were a few rocks sticking up that you don’t want to hit at speed. We ran down Indian Lake with the intention of making a run to Perkins Clearing. There was a bare minimum of snow on it, and wasn’t nearly enough to keep my slides cool. In light of last week’s slide burning fiasco, we turned around after a couple of miles and headed back to town.

Lake Adirondack had better snow, so we horsed around there for a while and had some fun. Bright blue sky over the mountains was very pretty. After a late lunch at the One Stop, we rode around a bit more then headed back to the compound. Spun off 30 miles and had a good time.

Ride video:

Bottom line:

Marginal but easily rideable with care. The groomers are doing their best with the meager fresh snow that we have. Be sure to check your carbides before and after your ride!

Mid-week outlook:

Good news: Snow Monday will add some much needed “meat” to the trails.

Bad news: Getting warmer on Tuesday, then really warm on Wednesday. Cross our fingers and hope we don’t get much rain before it gets cold again on Thursday.

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