Snowmobiling Conditions: Update 2/19/13

I had to run by Speculator today, so I got some “drive-by” stuff for you:

Indian Lake and Lewey Lake looked like really nice riding. 2 Miles from Hell was freshly groomed midday: The south end (near Perkins Clearing) was especially nice. The north end (near Lewey Lake) had some spots scuffed down to dirt due to terrain issues. This trail was reported in “surprisingly good shape” over the past several days. Perkins Clearing Road looked pretty good. Most trails I could see from the road were flat, but snirty.

As I’m typing at 4:20PM, we’ve picked up a fresh 1/2 inch of snow and it continues to add up. Wednesday Morning 8:30 Update: Most of central Adirondacks have picked up 3-5 inches of snow since Tuesday afternoon; Moose River Plains probably got over 6 inches. This will be some much needed fresh snow for midweek. Haven’t heard any recent word on Moose River Plains; be prepared for the worst, hope for the best. That trail gets chewed up BADLY during President’s Week!┬áIt will stay cold enough to retain our snow pack for the immediate future, although sunny days will eat away at the heavy traffic areas and southerly exposures.

Weekend Snowmobiling Outlook:

More snow is expected over the weekend. Nothing major, but it should be enough to somewhat reduce the snirt to snow ratio on the heavily traveled trails. Come on up and ride because we have more winter behind us than ahead of us!


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