Weekend Diehard Outlook: Update 4/5/13

Snowpack is unusually thick for April 5th standards:

Hamilton County Snow

Snowpack for April 5, 2013

In general, the snow pack is 1-2 feet in the shady woods around Indian Lake and Speculator, but has been whittled to 6 inches or less on southerly exposed hillsides, roadsides and fields, with bare areas growing daily. The traditional “snow bowls” in southwestern Hamilton County still hold over 2 feet of snow.

In addition to the die-hard hangouts I highlighted on April 1st, Morehouse is a good bet to harbor ride-able snow this weekend.

How much longer?

A seismic shift in the Arctic Oscillation from its negative phase to its positive phase is expected by next week:

Arctic Oscillation

This shift would likely spell the end of the unusually cold weather pattern we’ve had to start spring. There is also the possibility of a multi-day significant rain event to close out next week, which would greatly accelerate snow melt. If you want to get your last licks, you better get to it sooner rather than later.

So, are you die-harding this weekend, or are you done until next winter?

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