The Fat Lady is Singing: Loud and Clearly! Update 4/10/13

The snow pack is ripe and steadily disappearing. I stopped at the north end of Perkins Clearing Road on Monday. “Off trail” snow was still over a foot, but 1/2 to over 3/4 of the road surface was burnt down to mud and we’ve only lost more since then!

Much colder air will return for Thursday and Friday, with the possibility of an unusual April freezing rain event later this week. However, that will do nothing to restore the lost snow pack.

Barring the unexpected, this will be my final commentary on snowmobiling conditions for this winter. If I really wanted to, I could bum a truck and fight my way to some ultra-diehard stuff this weekend. But I must say that I’m content with what I’ve done this winter with my first ride on December 26th and my last ride on March 30th. That’s a solid 3+ months of snowmobiling with nearly 2000 miles and only 3 times I had to trailer in order to ride: not too shabby!

As I sign off for this winter, I thank my advertisers, donors and the faithful ilsnow nation. You help make this website the best it can be. It’s my pleasure to assist my fellow snowmobiliers in maximizing the precious few months we have each winter to enjoy the greatest pastime on the planet.

See you all next winter!

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