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The Ruin of Snowmobiling and Western Civilization

Ruin of Snowmobiling and Western CivilizationGrabbed your attention, didn’t I?

Snowmobiling under the influence of alcohol destroys lives and gives our favorite pastime a bad name in the eyes of the general public. Ride Clean NY needs help in our quest to make snowmobiling safer for everybody.

Our goals at Ride Clean NY:

  • Convince riders who have “a drink or two” with lunch to rethink that habit and avoid becoming hard core trail drinkers
  • Educate up-and-coming young riders to avoid alcohol completely while snowmobiling
  • Push for better enforcement of present laws and demand stronger penalties for those who jeopardize fellow riders by snowmobiling intoxicated

Nobody can do this alone. If you are fed up with drunken snowmobiling, this is your chance to help. You can financially contribute to Ride Clean NY here:


I understand you may be hesitant to give money to a start-up organization. But I can tell you that Ride Clean NY has already secured its place at major fall events:

  • Ohio Ridge Riders Snow Bash
  • Eastern Drag Nationals @ Excell Raceway Park
  • Big East Powersports Show

Some of the biggest names in New York snowmobiling are slated to be major sponsors of Ride Clean NY this winter:

  • ilsnow.com
  • upstatesnow.com
  • sledfreak.com
  • Williams Sledsports
  • Snow Goer Magazine

This list will only grow as more people hear about us at the shows!

On a personal level, the gruesome alcohol-related accident that killed 2 riders on Indian Lake last winter was the last straw for me. One killed was drunk, the other was clean. That was when I stopped being sad about drunken snowmobiling and got really angry over it.

Yes, it hit home for me like a ton of bricks. The day I no longer want to fight this problem will be the day I quit snowmobiling. Wherever you see Ride Clean NY, you’ll probably see me. I am committed to seeing this through.

Kyle Prill  @ Paul Prill IV Memorial

Make your donation today. Then be sure to stop by Ride Clean NY at the shows and say hello. We’d love to chat. Together, we’ll make a tremendous difference!

Be sure to check out Ride Clean NY at our website and on Facebook for updates.

Thank you,

Darrin @ ilsnow.com

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