Snowfall summary for 11/23/13

Went to winter in a hurry!

It was partly sunny at Glens Falls yesterday afternoon. By the time I got home, Indian Lake had other ideas:

Indisn Lake snow

Thankfully, I didn’t hit the sticking snow until I got up North River Hill. As the late afternoon and evening wore on, the roads got quite slippery.

The short video taken after I got home demonstrated the strong wind with the squalls!

Here, you can see it go from zero to white from yesterday afternoon:

ilsnow’s Video ArchiveWeather Underground Webcams

Snowfall amounts from the squalls were varied. Got a report of only an inch in Speculator. Indian Lake received 2-3 inches. Inlet had a report of 4 inches. The most I could find near ilsnow land was a “guess-timated” half-foot plus on the Stillwater Reservoir web cam. The Stillwater Reservoir cooperative weather station reported 0.40″ of melted precipitation, probably yielding about 8 inches of snow with the typical 20:1 ratio for lake effect snow.

Last night was cold and windy and I woke up to 5*F this morning. Tonight, I have an excellent shot at getting near or below zero as the winds die off.

What about the Pre Thanksgiving Storm?

I wrote up my thoughts last night and don’t have anything new to add at this point. As the storm draws closer, you can keep up with my latest forecasts.

No matter how much snow we get, keep in mind that snowmobile season doesn’t start on State land until the conclusion of big game hunting season at sundown December 8th in Hamilton and northern Herkimer counties. Let the hunters enjoy their season, because there will be plenty of time to enjoy ours. Old weather proverb says a snow cover on Thanksgiving will last into April. Sounds great to me! 🙂

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