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Thursday Storm Update 12/31/13

WOW! There has been lots of internet and media consternation over the upcoming storm. Lots of flip-flopping, ping-pong forecasting out there with each model run every 6 hours. I try to avoid that, because in the end, it’s a meaningless exercise. Back on the 29th, I showed how the upcoming North American weather pattern supported […]


Trail Report 12/29/13 & Outlook

As expected, the snow late Sunday into the evening was very heavy and wet. It mixed with rain for a while at the onset here at the storm center but I did end up with an inch-and-a-quarter of wet cement-like snow. Speculator/Morehouse area had much less rain mix and ended up with 3-4+ inches […]


Trail Report 12/27/13

Snowfall reports over the past 24-36 hours were an inch around Indian Lake, about 2 inches in Speculator and 3 inches in Morehouse. It continues to snow this morning with minor additional accumulations expected. Inlet and Moose River Plains appear to have a few inches. The southern end of Powley Road probably got several inches […]