Ride for the Cure & Trail Report 1/22/14

1/24 UPDATE: There was a bad snowmobiling accident reported at the south end of Perkins Clearing Road late Friday. Trail conditions are VERY ICY under the thin layer of packed snow on the trail!

Ride for the Cure

Breakfast at Oak Mountain Ski Center in Speculator will run from 7am until 10am. Parking for snowmobiles, cars and trucks-and-trailers is available at Oak Mountain.

After breakfast, three rides will be offered:

  • To Indian Lake via Perkins Clearing. Lunch at Swifty’s or Bear Trap, then back to Oak Mountain.
  • To Ohio via Morehouse. Lunch at the Ohio Tavern, then back to Oak Mountain.
  • Local to Perkins Clearing. Lunch at Oxbow Inn or Speculator Inn, then back to Oak Mountain.

Pleasant Riders Snowmobile Club will be at Oak Mountain Friday the 24th for pre-registration from 5pm to 7pm. You can go to their website for sign-up and pledge sheet. Or you can register Saturday morning at breakfast, or anytime during the day.

Trail Report:

Snow cover around Indian Lake and Speculator is 6-12 inches in the woods, but large fields and southerly exposures hold less snow. There is over a foot of snow cover in Perkins Clearing and the interior of Moose River Plains. Lakes have sufficient snow for traction and cooling. But without a deep hard pack of snow, the ice will become very slick if you have to suddenly stop or turn with an un-studded snowmobile.

Perkins Clearing and Moose River Plains have been reported in pretty good riding shape this week. But watch out for icy corners and turns!

The narrow woods trails surrounding Speculator and Indian Lake were reported to have varying degrees of roughness due to the low snow conditions. Extra caution is required. Be on the lookout for rocks, icy spots and wash outs!

Weekend Outlook:

Snow is expected on Saturday. For the Indian Lake area, accumulations are expected to be fairly minor. But there could be a decent dump of snow over the southwestern Adirondacks for places like Morehouse, Ohio and Powley Road. Another snow is expected Sunday night into Monday.

If you’re smart about it, play your cards right and maximize the good stuff (Perkins Clearing, Moose River Plains, lakes…at your own risk, of course!), then you can have a good time this weekend. If you want to embark on a 150-miler from Speculator or Indian Lake village, you’ll endure your fair share of lumps in the process. It’s far below mid winter par. But hey, at least we’re riding here.

Be sure to check the ilsnow.com board for reports from riders!

Darrin @ ilsnow.com

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