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Trail Report 2/26/14

Update 2/27/14: Indian Lake picked up an inch or two of snow today. Heard a report of a nasty hazard described as a crater on C8 about 5 miles before Cedar River Headquarters enroute to Moose River Plains. Be careful and be wary for frozen washout hazards! Trail Report 2/26/14: I scored almost an inch […]


Trail Report 2/23/14

I haven’t been out riding since Friday’s rain, but I can tell you we still have a solid remnant snow pack of 1-2 feet in the woods. Exposed open areas hold about 6-12 inches, with essentially 100% snow coverage. Midweek Outlook: As the cold air sets in, the swampy areas will drain and freeze back […]


Game Over For Winter? Update 2/22/14

The long anticipated and dreaded thaw has come to pass. Rainfall amounts are generally an inch-plus on Friday. The deep snow cover has absorbed much of it, although the low-lying swampy areas and lakes are quite slushy. Remnant snow pack is generally 1-2 feet in the woods. Open areas around town hold less snow, but […]