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Ride out to Lake Durant 3/31/14

Diehard Season? Fat Lady Singing? Whatever… I’m riding! I capitalized on a little after work riding opportunity and was not disappointed. The Indian Lake inner village trails had small studders, but the base was holding up well. Even places that are normally cooked to dirt still held a good base this evening. The Bear Trap […]


Diehard season is upon us! Update 3/30/14

Ole Man Winter was dealt a crushing defeat last night in ilsnow land. Despite the radar showing “blue” of snow late Saturday night into early Sunday here in Indian Lake, it rained all night with temperatures around 33-34*F with sleet mixed in at times. Needless to say, everything is mashed potatoes and gravy and the […]


Ride to Big T 3/28/14

No family home this evening, so I capitalized with another ride on the new 4-TEC to break her in. Indian Lake village trails were holding up pretty well. Bear Trap Swamp had areas of standing water, but nothing deep or flowing to seriously erode the trail going through it. C8 out to Headquarters overall was […]