Trail Report 3/3/14

Did one of my “world famous” drive by reports late this afternoon on my way home from work. Let me say I love what I saw!

Perkins Clearing Road, 2 Miles from Hell and Lewey/Indian Lake campsites were groomed and looking sweet from Route 30. Lakes had sufficient fresh snow to ride them.

Back up in Indian Lake, the groomers touched them all today, including C8 out toward Cedar River Headquarters/Moose River Plains and S84 toward Blue Mountain/Newcomb. Heavily traveled village trails are snirty, but otherwise have near 100% coverage. Benton Road has good snow and ice coverage to make the connection from the Little League field parking area into the trail system. Shelf along Crow Hill Road is holding strong.

Snowpack was generally 18 inches to 2+ feet in the woods. The areas exposed to the strong sun in town had less snow cover, about 6-12 inches with a few bare spots on the sharp roadside banks.

Midweek Outlook:

Freshly groomed trails, cold temperatures, low mid-week late-winter traffic all sound like great excuses to call off work sick or dead. No big snows on the immediate horizon, but a minor Canadian Clipper system could bring a nice infusion of fresh snow by Thursday. We’re into that time of year I call March Madness. It’s hands down more fun than watching your favorite men’s college basketball team get eliminated from the NCAA tourney. 🙂

Well, what are you waiting for? You can’t ride this in July!!

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