Perkins Clearing 3/11/14

When there is good snow cover, mid-March is a great time to ride! The late sunsets and balmy evenings are reward for the locals who stick it out all winter here. 🙂

After I got home from work, I set sail for Perkins Clearing. The Indian Lake village trails and C8/Sabael trail were groomed today with the conditions ranging from flat to small soft studders with snirt-ish snow. There were some spots ground down to dirt and the usual wet spots were filling up with melt-water. Bear Trap Swamp was a mess at both ends, but entirely passable.

Furnell’s field by Route 30 had a few places burnt down to grass. The pathway down to Indian Lake was burnt down to pebbles in spots, but most of the ouch was avoidable. Indian Lake had slushy snow cover. It didn’t take much throttle to stay on top of it and cruise down the lake at a nice clip. The skis and spinning track threw up more than enough wet/slushy material to keep the slides and heat exchangers nice and happy.

Indian Lake/Lewey Lake Campsites were studder choppy, but at least the lumps were soft. 2 Miles from Hell was groomed today and was a good enough ride from end to end, save for a few bald spots on the lower end of the trail.

Perkins Clearing was my destination and it did not disappoint. It was groomed today and was an awesome late winter/early spring ride! I rode down Perkins Clearing Road hung a right at the Perkins-T (HM6) and took Jessup River Road all the way in. On the way back out, I hit Mud Lake Road which was splendid, except for some chop going down into Mossy Vly from the west. There were just a few thin spots on Mud Lake Road near its east end, where the sun bakes it.

On the way back up Perkins Clearing Road, I diverted onto S82C/Old Indian Lake Road for the first time this winter. Aside from a few spots scuffed down to dirt, that was a great ride through the woods on a freshly groomed trail. Away from Route 30, the snow in Perkins Clearing area was pristine white. 🙂

Once back to Indian Lake, I was sure to hit Ski Hut trail, which was aces! The shelf along Crow Hill Road was studdery and snirty, but holding up. The trail from Crow Hill Road to Adirondack One Stop is starting to need snow badly. Little Canada from One Stop to Sawmill Road was a bit bumpy and needs more snow. But the stretch from Sawmill Road to the Lone Birch was great!

After I refueled at One Stop for next ride, I got back to the compound after dark with 60 miles spun off for the evening and didn’t see another sled.

Sunshine and temperatures in the 40s today really did a number on the snow in the exposed areas and near the blacktop. This is the time of year we need generous infusions of fresh snow to stave off diehard season.

Of course, I’ve got some pictures from the evening stroll:


The groomers did a good job of flattening the trails in advance of Wednesday’s major snowstorm. Not only will we get a ton of snow, but temperatures will plunge to mid-winter cold on Thursday which will do the job in tightening up the slushy/water spots. Groomers will have time to pack the snow down before the weekend.

If you haven’t ridden Perkins Clearing this winter, stick it on your bucket list! It’s been great every time I’ve ridden in this winter. The Town of Lake Pleasant has never done a better job on it, WOW!

Sometimes, winter falls apart in March from the word “GO.” But not this year! Come up and find out why the locals love March riding. 🙂

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