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Product Review: TekVest

Introduction: TekVests have been around for a while. For the longest time, I thought they were only for professional racers or trail racer wannabes. The earlier models were very bulky and cost several hundred dollars. As the demand goes up, manufacturers find a way to make the product more affordable and appealing to the masses. […]


Last Dance: Diehard Run 4/6/14

Sunday afternoon was drop-dead gorgeous: temperatures in the mid-40s and nary a cloud in the sky. I wanted to get out there and enjoy Adirondack heaven at least one more time before the winter’s corpse fades into the past. I did a drive-by recon of the village first to see what was passable. I can […]


Diehard ride to S84/Lake Durant 4/2/14

Drive-by update 4/4/14 PM: The Town of Indian Lake has NOT plowed S88 from the end of Cedar River Road to Headquarters. Brown’s Farm parking lot still has a decent mushy ice base; not close to being a mud pit yet. But you will have a painful 0.7 miles from Brown’s Farm parking lot to […]