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ilsnow storm center: Update 12/30/14

It’s depressing out there, but I’m not jumping ship on winter yet. In this video, I break down the possibilities for Sunday’s potential¬†event and delve into why I am still optimistic about this winter as a whole. If you enjoy my videos, please share with your friends and subscribe to my Youtube channel. So far, […]


Snow conditions: Update 12/28/14

I took a long walk today and was hard pressed to tell you that it’s late December. It felt, looked and smelled more like early April with the melting snow, mud and runoff. Snow cover was 3-6 inches “in the woods” around town but the usual exposed areas were thin to bare. There was some […]


Grim Reaper Cometh! Update 12/26/14

“You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the reaper.” – Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey I’m digging at the bottom of the barrel to find a little humor here. But it’s better than crying, I suppose. We did our dance with the reaper Christmas eve¬†with […]