Driveby to Speculator: Update 12/4/14

I drove down to Speculator today for a bit of business and some fun. Snow cover was about 3-6 inches along the Route 30 corridor, which is really pretty to look at but certainly not worth riding yet. Perkins Clearing Road was plowed from top-to-bottom, so there is really no reason to be tempted for a pre-season ride.

I did spy DEC and Town of Lake Pleasant trucks on the side of Route 30 near S82/Old Indian Lake Road, which is a good sign that the bypass for the north Perkins Clearing Road closure is well underway.

Seeing this sign at the base of Oak Mountain drove it home that the start of snowmobiling season is close at hand:



You can check out the rest of my pictures on my Facebook gallery:

Weekend Outlook:

The only riding around here should be lawn jockey rips or the hill climbs at Oak Mountain Saturday evening. We’ll get a fresh covering of snow Friday night, followed by some wet sloppy precipitation on Saturday. Temperatures will not be that warm on Saturday, so I don’t think the race track will be destroyed. If you’re in Speculator this Saturday, go to Oak Mountain and check it out. If you think you’re tough enough for hill climbs, give it a shot!

Midweek Outlook:

Once the sun sets on the end of big game hunting season, the woods become ours December 8th. I would scratch Perkins Clearing off your early season list with the plowing and sanding. Moose River Plains will probably hold ride-able snow, but expect early winter conditions: loose rocks, fallen branches and trees, washouts, etc.

Then we’ve got the possible snow storm by Tuesday. We’ll see how it all shakes down…

Keep the faith!  We’ve made it to the finish line and the real fun awaits.

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