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Indian Lake to Newcomb: Update 1/30/15

The fresh 3 inches of snow last night into Friday morning got me on to the dance floor again. I set off¬†to C8/Sabael trail, which was in pretty nice shape aside from some corner scuff, icy turns and some snirt. Dropped down to Indian Lake, thought about making a run to Speculator. But I decided […]


Indian Lake to Speculator: Update 1/28/15

Bright sunny day screamed RIDE! Who was I to deny that voice? As soon as I left the compound, I knew it was going to be a great day. The Indian Lake¬†village trails had fresh groom marks all over the place. The groomer did a nice job of pulling some snow on the east end […]


Indian Lake to Newcomb: Update 1/26/15

Darrin Jr. and I embarked on a trip up to Newcomb this afternoon. The village trails had been groomed today for a nice start. S84/Blue Mountain trail was groomed and in really nice shape. Aside from the usual icy turns before you get “over the top,” it was just one peach of a ride! 538/Newcomb […]