Indian Lake trail report: Update 1/17/15

Darrin Jr was itching for his first ride today. After my rough rides in town this week, I was dreading it a bit.

But the trails had been groomed this morning which made things worth it for sure!

The inner village trails were all in pretty good shape when we started out at 11AM. C8/Sabael trail was in decent shape until Pashley Road. But the remainder of the way out to Sabael was still pretty rough. We saw some people coming into town from there, so I’m assuming they made it over from Speculator way.

We decided to try S84/Blue Mountain trail. That hadn’t been groomed yet. We rode it out a few miles for the sake of a trail report. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t any good either. I’d say C-minus riding at best.

After we got back to town, we decided to do the town loop again to end the ride on a good note. As of early afternoon, the inner trails were still pretty good. Modest traffic for a Saturday.

We didn’t go out C8 toward Cedar River Headquarters. But it did appear the groomer had gone out that way and we saw people coming into town from that direction.

The ice fishing derby was in progress on Lake Adirondack, so it was slow going through there.

Some pictures:

Ski Hut trail

Ski Hut trail

Looking toward town from Crow Hill Road

Looking toward town from Crow Hill Road

S86A behind Lone Birch

Lake Adirondack

Lake Adirondack

S84 to Blue Mountain

S84 to Blue Mountain

Don’t let that picture of S84 fool you: It was fairly rough through there. But at least it’s passable.

Remember that you can get trail reports from riders all weekend at the bulletin board. Good information from good people, without the cyber drama and buffoonery.

You can sit on the couch or you can sit on your sled. Hey, you’ve got all year to sit on your couch.

We’ll see what Sunday night brings us for snow…

For the ilsnow nation,


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