Ride to Newcomb: Update 1/23/15

I was home alone. After I got done with my morning busy work, I sat around the house a bit. Then I got the big DUH moment like, DUH…get out and ride ya big dummy!

So, this afternoon as the sun came out, I grabbed my gear and headed out the door.

Before heading out of town, I took my customary spin around the Indian Lake village loop. Conditions were great and I saw fresh groomer tracks all over the place.

I set sail to S84/Blue Mountain trail. It had been groomed and was a nice ride all the way out to the junction with 538/Newcomb trail. Aside from a few terrain divots and few stretches of soft chatter bumps, it was as good as you can find it with the relatively low amount of snow cover we have now.

Further along S84 to Lake Durant Campsites, the trail could have used a comb over with the groomer to level out minor chatters and waves. But it was still a nice ride.

Old Stage trail to the bridge crossing by Route 28/30 was a pretty nice ride. The final half mile from the bridge to the Blue Mountain Rest had some rough spots under the tall pines but was entirely passable. Blue Mountain Rest to the 24 hour gas pumps could use some grooming and more snow, but was not a bad ride through there.

On my way back through, I shot the breeze with Lenny Baglieri of Blue Mountain Rest for a bit. Then I cranked across Lake Durant to save a bit of time for the run up to Newcomb.

I ran 538/Newcomb trail all the way to its junction with C8B. Aside from some soft chatter bumps and a few terrain divots, the Indian Lake side was an enjoyable ride up to the Newcomb gate. Newcomb’s side was fantastic all the way up to the C8B intersection, aside from the usual thin/rough stuff going up Joseph’s Mountain. But even the sketchy stuff on the Joe wasn’t that bad.

For kicks, I ran C8B over to the Route 28N crossing and continued about a mile or so toward Long Lake. There was some chatter, but the riding was pretty good and it was apparent the trail had been groomed this week and plenty of people were making it over from Long Lake. Going the other way, C8B looked in good enough shape heading to Newcomb, but I didn’t ride that way.

As I doubled back home, I was bathed in the glow of the fading afternoon sun. I wish I had my camera to take pictures of the mountains. But pictures probably wouldn’t have done it justice. I stopped at the top of the big hill just to shut off the sled, take in the scenery and breathe in the cold Adirondack winter. I was there for probably 10 minutes, but it felt like a half hour and I could have stayed there for the rest of my life.

But I had to move on eventually, so back to Indian Lake I went. I saw the Indian Lake Snowarriors Tucker getting warmed up for its grooming run on the Newcomb trail. So I imagine that is going to be a great ride Saturday morning, for sure!

It was getting dark and cold when I got back to town, so I stopped for dinner at Marty’s Chili Nights. My sister and niece were there for dinner, so I sat with them and ate. Then the fun part: I rattled the old man’s cage after dinner, lol!

Of course, I took the long way home and ran the village loop again in the dark. Love the night riding! Got back to the compound with 70 miles.

When I can just stroll off 70 miles because I got bored at home, run into family while stopping for dinner and take a night stroll to round out the ride, I know I’m playing a different game than most people who visit ilsnow land to snowmobile. I’m living my dream, something I hope to do for the rest of my life. I never take a day of this for granted.

Weekend Outlook:

What else I can I say? The groomers have been out in force, and I have been riding all week! If you get up here early Saturday, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good the conditions are around Indian Lake and Speculator.

Keep in mind that traffic may be especially heavy around Speculator on Saturday with Ride for the Cure.

For the ilsnow nation,


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