Indian Lake to Newcomb: Update 1/26/15

Darrin Jr. and I embarked on a trip up to Newcomb this afternoon.

The village trails had been groomed today for a nice start. S84/Blue Mountain trail was groomed and in really nice shape. Aside from the usual icy turns before you get “over the top,” it was just one peach of a ride!

Darrin Jr digging the Blue Mountain trail!

Darrin Jr. digging the Blue Mountain trail

538/Newcomb trail was great on the Indian Lake side all the way up to the County Line gate. The Newcomb side had a decent amount of leftover weekend chatter bumps. Aside from the usual thin and grubby stuff on Joseph Mountain, there was good to excellent snow coverage throughout.

C8B to Newcomb had the leftover weekend chatter bumps and a few thin spots. But overall snow cover was good.

The roads had good snow coverage to make it down to Newcomb. After finding the diner to be closed, we doubled back to Newcomb House for a late lunch. The nice lady who served our food told us the Newcomb trails would be groomed this week, probably before Wednesday. I think one pass of the groomer will be all it takes to smooth out the chatter and get their trails back to good.

On the way back, the chatter through Newcomb seemed “louder” after a full belly of food. When we crossed the county line back into the Indian Lake side, the magic returned. We encountered the Indian Lake Snowarriors Tucker cranking out copious white ribbon and the rest of 538/Newcomb trail was like an out of body experience! Simply incredible riding…

Newcomb trail at it's finest!

Newcomb trail at its finest!

S84/Blue Mountain trail was a great trip back to town in the dark! You seldom see that trail better than we hit it today.

The ride back to the compound was so great, we didn’t even bother with the “victory lap” around town. We had spun off 65 miles, totally worth it. Doing local stuff like this as part of my routine life: PRICELESS! 🙂

Midweek Outlook:

It will only get better throughout the week as groomers continue to stamp out the weekend bumps! So we aren’t going to get the 2 feet of snow that downstate is getting. But they can’t do anything with that stuff anyway. Whatever snow we get will simply add to the pile here and give us good riding conditions. As of Monday evening, snow pack ranged from 6-12 inches in the exposed spots to well over a foot in the woods.

If you haven’t been up here yet, try to steal a day off and come up this week. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the conditions.

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