Snow Update: 2/2/15

Monday’s storm delivered the goods with most reports clustered in the 9-10 inch range around Indian Lake. Many places along Route 8 got over a foot. It’s powder for sure, but should fill in a lot of the “needy” areas nicely.

Snow pack around Indian Lake ranges from 12-18 inch “in town” to 18-24 inches “in the woods.” The typical snow bowls in the back reaches of Perkins Clearing, the higher elevations of Moose River Plains and southwestern Hamilton County hold over 2 feet of snow. Yes, it’s looking like it should around here.

Here’s a video clip I shot late Monday afternoon:

Yeah, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I’ll be sure the bust loose for a ride, or two, or three this week.

Today is a great day to be alive in ilsnow land!

Have fun and ride safe,


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