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Diehard Report: 4/1/15

First of all, let me assure you that none of this report is an April Fools’ joke! Snow cover in the exposed sections ranges from bare spots to 6 inches. Snow pack in the shady woods is still upwards of 12 to 20+ inches. The typical snow bowls in southwestern Hamilton County still hold over […]


Snow Conditions: Update 3/28/15

UPDATE 3/28/15: We didn’t get a ton of rain this week, but the snow-cover in town took a serious hit this week. Around Indian Lake, the best bet would be to head straight to the usual die-hard hangouts and see what happens from there. Snow cover is better to the west of Speculator. I heard […]


Weekend Update 3/20/15

Spring is here! I’m not very excited about that. But it is what it is. Snow pack is still upwards of 1-2 feet in the woods, but the exposed areas are burnt thin. The snowmobile riding conditions around here in Indian Lake can be best described as MARGINAL. You can do it, but you’ll endure […]