Indian Lake Trail Conditions: Update 3/5/15

Took a small ride today around Indian Lake. All I can say is WOW! Fresh groomer tracks EVERYWHERE. Aside from a hint-of-snirt near the road crossings and a bit of corner scuff on C8/Sabael trail, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

S84/Blue Mountain trail was a great ride out to Rock Lake and I saw fresh groomer tracks coming back to town from C8/Cedar River Headquarters. So, it’s looking good to come into Indian Lake from any direction!

If you don’t believe me, just look at the pictures!


C8 looking down to Bear Trap Swamp

Crow Hill Road fresh groom

Crow Hill Road fresh groom

Weekend Outlook:

With an 18-30 inch snow pack, freshly groomed trails and cold weather, what more could you ask for? Get up here early and ride because I’ve got a feeling it will be quite busy here over the weekend. Time is running out on winter. Don’t let the groomers’ great work go to waste!

Extended Outlook:

The pattern that has locked us in persistent cold for 2015 appears ready to fall apart next week. But that might not necessarily mean game over. As long as we avoid heavy rain, ilsnow land will hold out for a while. I suspect┬ánext weekend (14th and 15th) will be another “riding weekend.”


Invasion Washington County last Sunday was a great time for 125 miles…until the XP 500ss blow its motor. It would have been nice if that waited another 3-4 weeks, or better yet: NEVER!! Since this is the second engine blowup in two seasons, I’ll ditch the sled and review my options for next winter. So I might spin around town a few more times on the Formula S before calling it a winter.

No, I don’t have the 4-TEC. Had to sell that before winter started after the company which┬áI worked at for 16 years closed its doors. Downsizing ain’t fun…

For the ilsnow nation,


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