Indian Lake Trail Conditions: Update 3/9/15

After we got a fresh skiff of snow this morning, the sun came out, the wind kicked up and the temperature almost got to 40*F this afternoon.

Obviously, the back of hard-core winter has been broken. Snow cover is 18 inches to 2+ feet in the woods, but is starting to get eaten away a bit in the exposed areas.

I wasn’t in town over the weekend, but I heard the snowmobiling was quite busy. From the road, it looks like the groomers were out today, putting Humptey Dumpty back together again. For now, there is still more than sufficient snow cover to make the connection into the village for gas and food.

Midweek Outlook:

Welcome to late winter/early spring, the time of deep snow and dirty snowbanks. As long as we don’t get rain and temperatures drop below 32*F at night, much of the base will hold in the woods. But some of the corners will be scuffed down to dirt. Low mid-week, late winter traffic should slow the deterioration of trail conditions, especially in the shady places.

Melt water will begin to collect in the low-lying spots and usual swampy areas. Slush will become an issue on lakes.

Weekend Outlook:

It could be really messy. But if we get lucky with a storm on Saturday with wet snow instead of rain, we could have one more solid “riding weekend” for ilsnow land. But another warm-up early next week would resume the slide toward diehard season.

For the ilsnow nation,


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