Indian Lake Update 3/12/15

The wind and sun took away a lot of snow in the exposed areas, but the woods still hold 1 to 2+ feet of snow in them. Any road or parking lot that had a thin layer of snow is now bare or ultra skunky.

Our saving grace was NO RAIN! For the most part, the lakes now have a hard crust of snow on them, rather than glare ice. This allows us another riding weekend here in ilsnow land.

Weekend Outlook:

As long as the Crow Hill Road shelf is intact (which it is), you’ll be able to make the connections into town for food and gas. Lesser traveled trails in shady areas will offer the best riding. Heavily traveled trails in exposed areas will be heavily snirty and scuffed down to dirt in places, especially on turns. That’s just the way it is this time of year if it’s not snowing constantly.

This is also the time of year when melt water begins to eat away at the trail base from underneath. A mixture of rain, sleet and wet snow is expected over the weekend. If anything, that will keep the slides and heat exchangers cool and happy. I don’t expect a significant accumulation of snow.

Here are some pictures that Crazy Cal took late yesterday before temperatures finally fell below freezing:

S86/Little Canada

S86/Little Canada


S87/42nd & Broadway


C8 near Route 28/30


Bear Trap Swamp

Bottom line: Some good, some bad…but all passable. This weekend will likely be the high point for the rest of this season. The forecast for mid-late next week is for cold. But without a fresh dump of snow, it ain’t looking good for a revival.

Keep up with updates from local and visiting riders on the ilsnow boards.


As always, it’s been a pleasure running for another winter. I’ve been at this over 15 years and it never gets tired for me. My goal is always to get people here and ride my slice of Adirondack heaven.

The Town of Indian Lake and the Snowarriors did an awesome job! They did so much with so little early on. When we finally got the abundant snow, it was indeed heaven on earth…

For a nobody like me to raise a website from scratch that thousands of people trust is humbling. I never take that for granted. Without YOU reading, it would be nothing.

Thank you ilsnow nation!


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