Diehard Report: 4/1/15

First of all, let me assure you that none of this report is an April Fools’ joke!

Snow cover in the exposed sections ranges from bare spots to 6 inches. Snow pack in the shady woods is still upwards of 12 to 20+ inches. The typical snow bowls in southwestern Hamilton County still hold over 2 feet of remnant snow pack.

With the lack of any significant rain, the lakes remain in play for riding…which does add options for the die-hard who is willing to risk riding on ice this time of year.

Your best strategy is to hit the die-hard hangouts like Perkins Clearing and see how things go from there. Reportedly, Fish Mountain/Oxbow, Fawn Lake and Big Brook were in decent riding shape over the weekend.

A nice dark horse ride would be to park at the Northville-Lake Placid trailhead on Route 28/30 near Lake Durant and worm your way back to 538/Newcomb trail via S84. Not many people do that and you’ll likely have a nice spring ride back there!

Click here to see a die-hard ride report from Tuesday around Speculator. It can be done if you want it bad enough.

Keep in mind that a lot of snowmobile trail systems have closed for the season, including Town of Webb/Inlet permit trails. Moose River Plains and the remainder of ilsnow land will remain open as long as there is enough snow to ride the trails.

Midweek Outlook:

Some really good die-hard riding can be had this week. Unfortunately, a big warm-up on Thursday will accelerate the snow melt. Thunderstorms and above-freezing temperatures Thursday night will put big whoopin’ to the leftover snow pack and cause run-off water damage.

Weekend Outlook:

Yes, winter tries to make another last gasp on Saturday. Interesting…with colder air changing rain to snow. If this happens, we get another fresh coat of white paint for the diehards.

Now, go out there and make the ultimate die-hard proud!


For the ilsnow nation,


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