To the edge of oblivion, but… Update 3/9/17

3/10/17 Update: An arctic front dropped an inch-plus of snow Friday evening, ready to be blown to smithereens. 

3/9/17 Report

Winter’s remnant snow pack took yet another hit this week. We didn’t get a ton of rain, but two days of mild temperatures and strong winds ate some more cover away.

Around Indian Lake, snow pack ranges from thin to bare in the exposed hillsides and fields to 6 inches to a foot-plus in the shady woods. The snow-bowls of southwestern Adirondacks appear to still hold 12-18+ inches of pack:

Adirondack Snow Pack

Adirondack Snow Pack

Weekend Outlook:

Well, people were able to ride Perkins Clearing last weekend. Most people told me they managed 50 miles or more. I suspect you could attack Perkins Clearing this weekend from the north end by parking at the Mason Lake parking lot on Route 30 about 7 miles of Speculator. Heck, you might be able to attack the Speculator Tree Farm by parking at the south end of Old Route 30 near Wells. But keep in mind that base conditions will be even more marginal than they were last weekend….and ice scratchers/studs will be your best friends.

I can’t really recommend trying Moose River Plains at this point because it doesn’t keep snow as well as Perkins Clearing does.

Another thing to keep in mind would be brutal cold over the weekend. Saturday may be especially nasty with strong gusty winds and temperatures hard pressed to reach 10*F in the afternoon.

Also, beware of blow-down if you decide to take a chance here…

Next Week?

All eyes are on the possible major snow storm for Tuesday into perhaps Wednesday. At this point, I think the bigger question is WHERE it will happen as opposed to IF it will happen.

Nearly all the modeling have clustered on a massive eastern United States storm. I’ll show you the GFS as an example:


It’s an impressive storm setup, for sure. But the projected “flat” PNA+ ridge has me somewhat concerned whether the east coast storm achieves the necessary downstream amplitude necessary for this storm to take it to the house for ilsnow land.

This event is still several days away, so it’s just watch and wait for now. To be sure, we’d need a significant or major dump of snow to really get things going again. If we catch white lighting in a bottle on Tuesday, we could keep the season going for at least another week.

For the ilsnow nation,


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