Die hard special: Update 3/31/17

4/1/17 8AM Update: Snowing steady at Indian Lake this morning with a total of 5 inches snow/sleet. Snow will quit later Saturday morning as the storm pulls away.

Star Date 3.31.2017 19:00hours:

We have 2-3 inches of snow/sleet mash this evening and the sleet is pinging off my window pretty good right now. After a start of snow this morning, this event has become a true mixed bag.

As the storm system passes by, the atmospheric column will probably cool off a few degrees overnight and attempt a flip back to snow. This has happened with a number of similar events over the winter. If we’re fortunate, we get a few hours of heavy snow and have a nice treat for Saturday.

If not, at least we’ll have a decent covering of mash to keep the slides and heat exchangers quite happy. Temperatures will stay below 32*F tonight in the central Adirondacks, so we don’t have to worry about meltdown overnight.

Worth it this weekend?

Well, I snapped this picture at the start of S84/Blue Mountain trail. Doesn’t look bad and someone did ride in today:


Yeah, the exposed areas are getting thin, but we’ve still got 1-2+ feet of snow pack lurking in the woods. Grooming has stopped for the season, but the trails are certainly ride-able. Some of the riding is probably pretty smooth with the lack of traffic in recent days. I’ll certainly take a stab at it over the weekend.

I placed a call to DEC today, they told me that Moose River Plains will remain open through the weekend. I should have asked about Perkins Clearing, but I think that’s usually the Town of Lake Pleasant’s call. I would assume that Perkins Clearing Road would remain open, especially at the north end.


Well… I did ride on Indian Lake last Sunday. Since then, it hasn’t gotten very warm (only 2 days above 40*F) and we haven’t had any significant rain. But riding lakes this late in the season is clearly at your own risk, especially when the winter wasn’t tremendously cold to build up really thick ice.

Bottom line…

It won’t be mid-winter prime, but good enough to get around. You can do a whole lot worse for the first days of April. It’s there if you want it, and that’s NO April Fool’s joke. 😉

For the ilsnow nation,


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