Don’t fall in love with it!

Whenever I borrow something from my father, he always tells me: “Don’t fall in love with it!”

That is Dad’s way of telling me to return the borrowed item promptly when I’m done using it.

In a similar way, any cold weather we expect to get through at least mid-November and probably a while beyond should be considered borrowed goods.

Coming up…

The Alaskan Assassin Polar Vortex has been replaced with the East Pacific Oscillation negative phase (EPO-) for early November:

This allows for the pooling of cold air across Canada. But with the Pacific North American Oscillation in its negative phase (PNA-) much of the colder air in the lower 48 States will be relegated to the western quarter of the country and into the northern Plains:

What does this mean for us?

This kind of pattern usually means alternating shots of warm and cold, with temperatures averaging a shade above normal for the next 1-2 weeks. Significant storms generated over the western part of the country would generally take a track through the Great Lakes with their usual surges of milder air followed by cold fronts.

However, weaker weather systems could undercut the northeastern United States to give us a chilly rain or even some wet snow.

This is not a great signature for early season significant snows or bottomless cold in ilsnow land, but it’s good to FINALLY see widespread cold temperature anomalies in Canada. It’s been a long time coming. 

Looking ahead?

CFSv2 ensembles are hinting at a similar configuration through mid-November:

Not the best, but not the kiss of death either…

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For the ilsnow nation,


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