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Few places offer snowmobiling like the Adirondacks and no one enjoys snowmobiling here in the Adirondacks more than I do. I moved back to Indian Lake nearly 20 years ago so I could snowmobile here all winter. It has been a dream come true!

I love sharing my adventures with my fellow riders almost as much as I love to ride! That’s why I run ilsnow.com. Whenever I have a great ride, it’s my goal to get you off the couch to get up here and enjoy what I have. You can count on me to always give you the straight truth regarding snowmobile trail conditions, or go down in flames while trying. I’ll never lie to you.

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Whether you are a seasoned snowmobiling veteran or new to riding, please register for membership on the ilsnow.com board. This online community is full of helpful people willing to answer your questions and enhance your snowmobiling experience.

About Darrin Harr, the guy behind ilsnow.com

Darrin HarrRider

I have been snowmobiling in the Adirondacks for over thirty years. Since starting ilsnow.com in 1999, I average nearly 2000 miles on my snowmobile each winter. On most days that I’m not working to pay the bills, I can be found on my snowmobile enjoying winter’s greatest pastime.


I use my vast knowledge of Adirondack snowmobiling to provide spot-on, accurate trail reporting. Thousands of snowmobilers trust me to “tell it as it is” and to never misrepresent the trail conditions. My dry humor occasionally shows up in my reports. So, please don’t take offense.


Anyone can slap an internet weather mill forecast onto their website. But I am one of the few who doubles as in-house meteorologist, holding a four year degree in atmospheric science from one of the top meteorology programs in the country. Knowing the present trail conditions is important. But knowing how the weather will affect trail conditions several days in advance is gold when it comes to planning rides. My weather forecasting is widely regarded as the most accurate, a reputation built over twenty years of weather forecasting experience and a life-long knowledge of Adirondack weather.


I strive to represent Adirondack snowmobiling with passion and class. I’m always game to talk snowmobiling and love to meet fellow riders on the trail. My work on ilsnow.com draws many snowmobilers to the Adirondacks. Even folks who had been out of snowmobiling for many years are brought back into the sport by my insightful and cheerful reports.