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Midweek Snowmobiling Outlook: Update 12/20/16

Update 12/22/16 AM: Nice start to the day! Picked up 2.5 inches of snow. This will freshen things nicely to hit places like Moose River Plains, Perkins Clearing, Speculator Tree Farm, Powley Road, etc. The narrow woods trails are ride-able” but you need to proceed with care. Sunday’s thaw did not wipe us out, leaving […]


Why you should renew your snowmobile registration ASAP

Receiving my snowmobile registration renewal form in the mail gets me pumped! It signals the countdown to winter and spells the beginning of summer’s demise. 🙂 Usually I receive the renewal form in August, but it arrived in mid-July this time around. Writing that check to Department of Motor Vehicles is my first financial commitment […]


Perkins Clearing 3/11/14

When there is good snow cover, mid-March is a great time to ride! The late sunsets and balmy evenings are reward for the locals who stick it out all winter here. 🙂 After I got home from work, I set sail for Perkins Clearing. The Indian Lake village trails and C8/Sabael trail were groomed today […]