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Trail Report 3/3/14

Did one of my “world famous” drive by reports late this afternoon on my way home from work. Let me say I love what I saw! Perkins Clearing Road, 2 Miles from Hell and Lewey/Indian Lake campsites were groomed and looking sweet from Route 30. Lakes had sufficient fresh snow to ride them. Back up […]


Trail Report 1/25/13

Indian Lake ended up with 2+ inches of fluff today. Cal went riding around Indian Lake village this afternoon and told me the trail riding was marginal. Straights were bony and snirty and the corners were extremely icy under the powder. He said the corners were like riding on a kevlar vest, even with studs […]


Kids’ Safety First!

It’s that time of year! If your child is at least 10 years old, he/she can take a New York State snowmobile safety course. Here is “the law” in regards to riding snowmobiles in New York State: Operator Requirements Anyone who is at least 18 years old may operate a snowmobile in New York State […]