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Wednesday Afternoon Stroll: Update 2/14/18

I couldn’t get out to ride until mid-Wednesday afternoon. But that certainly was not the end of the world for me. It gave the February sun a chance to soften up the trail surface to keep the slides and heat-exchangers happy. And it doesn’t get really dark until after 6pm now. First order of business […]


Read ’em and Weep: Update 2/12/18

Damage Assessment Afternoon temperatures were in the 30s over the weekend, but temperatures did spike to 40*F Sunday Night before falling below freezing. As annoying as the rain and freezing drizzle was to ride in, it didn’t cause much more damage than heavy weekend traffic and mild temperatures did by themselves. As you can see, […]


Feeling Long Lakey today! Update 2/9/18

Update 2/10/18 Indian Lake picked up 3 inches of new snow last night. Keep asking me if the trails will hold for next weekend while you miss out on what we’ve got right now.  Answer: Trails will probably hold up. I don’t think it will get warm enough or rain hard enough to ruin the […]