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ilsnow storm center 1/16/15

I got my lastest episode of the ilsnow storm center online. Yes, the possiblity of a snow event for Sunday afternoon into Monday is real, but I don’t think it’s the storm of the century by any means. We’ll take each and every flake we can get! My big concern for the rest of the winter […]


ilsnow storm center 1/6/15

Don’t fall off the wagon yet! We’ve sweated through January before, only to find payday in February and March. In this episode of the ilsnow storm center, I dig into the brutal Arctic cold shot for Wednesday into Thursday morning. Plus, I get into what has gone wrong for us this winter thus far and what could […]


ilsnow storm center: Update 12/30/14

It’s depressing out there, but I’m not jumping ship on winter yet. In this video, I break down the possibilities for Sunday’s potential event and delve into why I am still optimistic about this winter as a whole. If you enjoy my videos, please share with your friends and subscribe to my Youtube channel. So far, […]