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March Outlook 3/8/14

The first week of March was amazingly cold with temperatures averaging greater than 15 degrees below normal! Not surprisingly, the Arctic air mass was very dry with little opportunity for significant snow. With the Polar Vortex swirling in eastern Canada, all of the storms were shunted well to our south. That cold snap is over, […]


Game Over For Winter? Update 2/22/14

The long anticipated and dreaded thaw has come to pass. Rainfall amounts are generally an inch-plus on Friday. The deep snow cover has absorbed much of it, although the low-lying swampy areas and lakes are quite slushy. Remnant snow pack is generally 1-2 feet in the woods. Open areas around town hold less snow, but […]


Long Range Weather Outlook 2/10/14

The cold as of late hasn’t been anywhere close to extreme, but it has been persistent. The last real semblance of a thaw for ilsnow land ended on January 15th. We have a few opportunities for snow over the upcoming week, then we’ve got some trouble on the horizon. Let’s take a look at them: