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ilsnow storm center 10/12/14

On this installment of the ilsnow storm center, I update the status of Siberian snow cover and break down WHY it’s so important: ilsnow storm center 10/12/14 video Let me know what you think in the comments. For the ilsnow nation, Darrin


Looking into Winter 2014-15

Yes, it’s early to be thinking about what Winter 2014-15 may hold for us. But don’t let that stop us from having some fun! The Pacific Ocean is a vast heat reservoir. Remember that water hasĀ  high specific heat capacity, meaning that it takes a long time to heat up and cool down. The larger […]


March Outlook 3/8/14

The first week of March was amazingly cold with temperatures averaging greater than 15 degrees below normal! Not surprisingly, the Arctic air mass was very dry with little opportunity for significant snow. With the Polar Vortex swirling in eastern Canada, all of the storms were shunted well to our south. That cold snap is over, […]