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My early thoughts for Winter 2015-16

The building El Niño is big news! I certainly don’t want to downplay it in regards to what might happen this winter. But there is another big player on the board: the warm phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO+) which has deepened the drought in the western United States and was largely responsible for our brutally […]


ilsnow storm center 2/10/15

It’s been a while since I came out with a video. Lots of rumors about big snows the next 3-5 days, but the pattern looks much more impressive for the cold! But, the snows we do get will continue to add up. As always, you can keep with with my daily forecasts at If […]


ilsnow storm center 1/16/15

I got my lastest episode of the ilsnow storm center online. Yes, the possiblity of a snow event for Sunday afternoon into Monday is real, but I don’t think it’s the storm of the century by any means. We’ll take each and every flake we can get! My big concern for the rest of the winter […]