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It’s Over! For Now: Update 2/21/18

We didn’t get much rain. But when temperatures get into the 60s like they did on Wednesday after a couple mild days to soften the snow pack, it didn’t really matter. I went to take a short sunglasses and tee-shirt ride around the trails Wednesday morning. But there was far too much mud to make […]


Read ’em and Weep: Update 2/12/18

Damage Assessment Afternoon temperatures were in the 30s over the weekend, but temperatures did spike to 40*F Sunday Night before falling below freezing. As annoying as the rain and freezing drizzle was to ride in, it didn’t cause much more damage than heavy weekend traffic and mild temperatures did by themselves. As you can see, […]


We’re Baaaack! Update 2/4/18

Sunday’s storm delivered the goods for ilsnow land, although in some places WAY more than others. Indian Lake steady-eddied its way in the struggle to clear 6 inches, while Speculator/Route 8 corridor got crushed with upwards of 18 inches to nearly 2 feet!  With the deep, moist southwesterly flow, a semi-stationary orographically-enhanced band of heavy […]