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Snow Conditions: Update 1/30/18

Update 2/2/18 We picked up 2+ inches of snow in Indian Lake, NY last night. From reports for the western Adirondacks, Moose River Plains may have picked up several inches of fresh snow. If you come up to ride here this weekend, you’ll find surprisingly good conditions in some places and just plain awfulness in […]


Getting Worse Before It Gets Better: Update 1/21/2018

Since the January 11-12 thaw and heavy rain event, we’ve been engaged in an up-and-down weather pattern which likely will continue into early February. Over the next 7-10 days, there appears to be little hope for significant snow. Not that I trust model-ology to accurately pinpoint snow events a week or more away, but the […]


Deep Freeze: Done! What’s Next?

The first 7 days of January have been amazingly cold here in ilsnow land! Average max: 3.4*F Average min: -16.6*F On three of those days, the temperature remained subzero all day. The lowest temperature at Indian Lake (official) was -24*F on the morning of January 7th. With the bitter cold, snow has been hard to […]