A new face for ilsnow.com and Adirondack snowmobiling

Dear snowmobiling friends,

The fall colors are near peak and I’m fired up for winter! For nearly 15 years, I have provided highly accurate weather forecasts and trustworthy snowmobile trail reports for the central Adirondacks. Snowmobiling has faced strong challenges during that time, but the popularity of our favorite winter pastime endures. The 2012 Economic Impact Study conducted by the SUNY Potsdam Institute for Applied Research shows that snowmobiling contributed more than $860 million to the New York State economy. With that much money changing hands, snowmobiling is not going away.

ilsnow.com helps thousands of snowmobilers maximize riding opportunities and fosters positive change in the Adirondack snowmobiling community. The new blog format will allow me to transform ilsnow.com into the ultimate online repository for all things snowmobiling in the Adirondacks: weather, news, trail reports, product reviews, how-to articles, interviews, video blogging, advertising, marketing and more. We’re going to have a lot of fun exploring the possibilities.

YOU can help!

Traffic is the life blood of any web site. Whenever you see a great snowmobiling article on ilsnow.com, share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media! If you have been lurking on the ilsnow bulletin board, register for an account and join the discussion. You will make new friends and stay informed about snowmobiling. Talk up ilsnow.com to all of your snowmobiling friends and encourage businesses to advertise here. Together, we will push ilsnow.com to a higher level and keep the fun going for many winters to come. 🙂

I hope to see you on the trail this winter.



Canadian chill to visit the Adirondacks: Part Deux

September is usually good for a battle of the seasons. After a nice warm week, temperatures will take a steep jog downward over the Adirondacks this weekend. AVN MOS is showing a low temperature of 27*F near Saranac Lake by early Sunday morning:

Adirondack temperatures
This scenario appears to be a near repeat of earlier in the month when temperatures fell into the lower to middle 30s throughout the Adirondacks. Patchy frost developed in the colder spots and dense fog formed near lakes and rivers.

unisys weather
If anything, this might be a slightly cooler air mass. The longer night could provide enough time for temperatures to drop into the upper 20s over the normally colder spots in the Adirondacks this time around.

Canadian chill to visit the Adirondacks

The AVN MOS is showing a low temperature of 27*F at Saranac Lake by early Tuesday morning:

Low temperatures

With high pressure cresting overhead and bone dry air in place, widespread 30s across the Adirondacks with scattered frost in the usual cold pits are real possibilities:

Unisys Weather
It’s never too early to talk about chill in the Adirondacks!