Mega-Miler! Ride 2/16/17

Today was the day that I was going to stretch the 4-TEC for some big miles and justify its purchase.

Mission accomplished, here’s the story:

Headed out of the compound just after 7am. I actually wanted to get out before the groomers so I can romp on the half-foot of new snow! C8 out to Cedar River Headquarters was a great ride all the way out.

Moose River Plains from Cedar River Headquarters to Silver Run turnaround had rollers and studders under the new snow. Inlet side past Silver Run was smoother, but needed a pass of the groomer to make it great. There were no icy corners, thin spots or corner scuff.

Here was the 4-TEC sitting fat and happy at the Silver Run turnaround:

moose river plains

Inlet trails were excellent. Their sidewalk trail had just been groomed. Trail 5 was rough, but the Old Forge trails got better the further away from Rondaxe Road I got.

Attempt at Brantingham…foiled!

Saw fresh groomer tracks on Trail 1, which made me feel good about my plan to make a Brantingham run. All was great until the groomer tracks split right onto Trail 2. The further on Trail 1 I traveled, the rougher it became. BT had sno-cross moguls and wasn’t fun. So I abandoned the Brantingham run and tracked back down to Old Forge for some fun.

Pipeline and Trail 7 were great. Of course, I can’t pass the Elsie Lookout with taking the run to the top:


The snow that fell today was perfect for riding: Enough to keep things nice and fresh, but not hard enough to blind you.

A New Place…FO-PO!

As I pressed down Trail 7 to Thendara, I decided to take a run down Trail 6 to McKeever, something I had never done before. That was freshly groomed and a nice ride all the way through.

I bounced onto C7/Railroad which was somewhat lumpy…but had TONS of snow on it. No problems with exposed rails or switches. After stopping for gas at Adirondack Grocery, I was really far from Indian Lake with already 100 miles for the day at noon. So I decided to go for broke and do the mega-loop.

Trail C7C and C7E through Woodgate and down to Forestport were exquisite riding. The snow was sticking to the trees like cotton:

fopo cotton

Trail C7 continued the excellent riding down through the Trackside Blazers Clubhouse. Trail C7 eventually dumped onto a paved road through downtown Forestport. Good thing it was snowing hard enough to keep the margins slushy or else that would have been a very painful ride.

From Alder Creek into the Penn Mountain system, Trail C7 was very rough at times. Trail C4 wasn’t much better until I crossed Route 12. Then it was like someone had flipped a switch with great riding on the open fields and seasonal roads all the way down to Route 365 in Remsen. Read More…

Got it! Update 2/13/17

UPDATE 2/14/16: Took a quick spin around town and out to Newcomb. Almost everything I touched was AWESOME! Old Stage trail out to Blue Mountain Rest was somewhat lumpy, but being second tracks after the big snow made it a fun romp.

I talked to a guy who rode over here from Old Forge via Moose River Plains and he said it was great. 

Call off work sick or dead this week. I promise you won’t be sorry!!

Ignore my advice at your own risk:


Newcomb trail at night

Storm Summary:

The Alberta Clipper on steriods delivered the goods Sunday into Monday here. Totaled 11+ inches here in Indian Lake, with most central Adirondack locations clustered around a foot.

Our snow pack is on a level in which we haven’t seen in a couple of years, certainly not last winter:


I’m sure the traditional “snow bowls” hold over 3 feet of snow pack by now. It’s an awesome sight to behold!

Midweek Outlook:

Pull the lever on a sick day or two if you can! More snows Tuesday night through Thursday will gradually add to the pile.

Weekend Outlook and beyond:

Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing during the day, but mostly dry weather. There are concerns about next week, but as long as the flow remains from Canada instead of the southern United States, back-door cold fronts will be able to blunt the warmth somewhat. Eventually, we may have our day of reckoning, but our deep snow pack should be able to sustain a hit and keep us well in the game for late-February into March.

I don’t buy that winter is over after Presidents’ Day, especially when I see strong signals for cross-polar flow becoming re-established by the tail end of February into early March:


This panel for early to mid-March shows the cross polar flow, plus a very active storm path through the United States:


Of course, none of this guarantees big snows once we get past our Presidents’ Week mild spell. But dang, how can I say that winter is spent when I see such strong cold and stormy signatures in the climate model ensembles?

Buckle your seat belt, we could be in for a wild back nine of the winter.

For the ilsnow nation,


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110 miles on a Thursday afternoon: Ride to Speculator & Wells

After getting home from the Skillet concert at 1am Thursday morning and with the trails being frozen ice/hard pack, I wasn’t thinking of going out on the snowmobile today. But the coastal-nor’ester nudged up just enough to kiss Indian Lake in the cheek with a fresh inch-and-a-half of snow and I just had to get out there.

Didn’t get going until 1pm, which bought time for the groomers to work their magic. All of the Indian Lake village trails were groomed and in great riding shape.

I was already happy by this point:

Indian Lake snowmobiling 2/9/17

I decided to set sail for Speculator. C8/Sabael trail was being groomed when I went through. Indian Lake was smooth and incredibly fast with 1-2 inches of fresh snow on it. The surface underneath was frozen hard pack and patchy glare ice.

Campsites were an absolutely brutal nut-mashing ordeal. Thank goodness that stretch is short. Lewey Lake was another fast crossing along with its iconic view of Snowy Mountain:

Snowy Mountain from Lewey Lake

Snowy Mountain from Lewey Lake

2 Miles from Hell was freshly groomed and a nice ride from bottom to top, with just one significant washout hazard that can be easily navigated with care. Whenever the 2 Miles from Hell is in good shape, you just know everything else will be gold!

I did the counterclockwise loop of Perkins Clearing, hitting north end of Perkins Clearing Road, Old Military Road, Carpenter Hill Road and LP9/Nichol Vly Road. All of that was AWESOME! I was the first tracks on LP9 after a fresh groom. Talk about rollin’ out the white carpet, riding this was an out of body experience:

Nichol Vly

Nichol Vly

The south end of Perkins Clearing Road down to Route 30 was somewhat of a roller-rama but the Lake Pleasant groomer was working to iron out the bumps.

Opted to take the recently re-opened S41C/Hatchery Brook trail to make my attack on the Speculator Tree Farm. Overall, that was a pretty nice ride down with just a few water spots. Some of it was a bit rutty where it had been plowed for logging. The next pass with the groomer will probably make that a splendid ride. Looks like they had about 2 inches of new snow in Speculator.

Then I connected with S41/Silver Hill trail which hadn’t been groomed yet, but was nice running with the fresh pow-pow:

Silver Hill

Silver Hill

C4/Cave Hill trail was pretty good down to Old Route 30. My original plan was to take LP4A back up to Speculator then perhaps make a run toward Oxbow to add a few miles to the afternoon ride.

But my find of the day was a freshly groomed C4B/Gilmantown trail down to Wells:

Gilmantown Trail to Wells

Gilmantown Trail to Wells

There were several water hazards and lots of sticks and branches down from the ice storm, but the trail was an enjoyable pathway if taken with a bit of care. I was able to remove much of the larger debris from the trail, but probably could have spent the better part of the afternoon to clean it up completely. Hopefully, a few more Good Samaritans will pick up sticks on their way through.

Not everyone likes the C4B trail, but I must say that it’s a fun and technical-riding change of pace. I don’t have much use for the tight woods sections because I ride tight woods trails all of the time. But those power lines are a blast to ride and you get some scenic views, especially if you are traveling southward into Wells. Pay attention! If you go off the side of the power lines trail, you’ve punched your one-way ticket down a 30 foot plunge.

I passed the Algonquin Snowblazers groomer just as it was getting back into Wells. Looked like there was close to 3 inches of fresh snow down there. Then I zipped across the field then turned left to run S42 along Route 30 back to Speculator. For the most part, that was in very good shape, save for a couple of Route 30 culvert hazards. Read More…


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