How to Snowmobile the Adirondacks,
Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start


If you’re new to snowmobiling the Adirondacks, would you like to find the best places to ride?

Are you undecided about where you’d like to start?

Afraid you will get lost?

I know how it is to snowmobile
new territory with little guidance!

In the Guide, I will give you tips and pointers for snowmobiling in the Adirondacks along with the toolbox of resources that I use to plan my rides.


Why Buy My Guide?

Because you will be tapping directly into my 30 years of snowmobiling experience in the Adirondacks! You will spend less time researching on the Internet and more time riding your snowmobile. I cut through the crap and give you the best tips on where to start riding.



  • Having a solid game plan for each snowmobile ride
  • Finding great places that others don’t know about
  • Not getting lost needlessly
  • Having access to a social community of snowmobilers ready to help you


The Guide Includes…

  • Online Snowmobiling Map Resources
  • My Recommended Snowmobile Rides
  • Hidden Spots that Few People Ride That You Should Try
  • Best Places to Ride Early in the Season
  • 9 Picturesque Locations That You Must Find
  • And more!



You Can Get My Guide For The Charter Price Of $9.

This is an amazingly low price for such a wealth of information designed to start your snowmobiling adventures in the Adirondacks in confidence and safety. I want to get my guide in the hands of as many riders as I can.


Here are few testimonials to consider…

  • “Thank you for the guide info! It was as though you were in the room communicating with me. You shared honest, important information about the wonderful area you ride.”
  • “I think the guide is good for riders new to the area and a good value for that target group.”
  • “I like the fact that your guide was immediately available as a download.”


Still On The fence?

No problem: If the Guide fails to deliver, ask me for a refund within 30 days of purchase and I’ll return your money with no questions asked. Simple as that!

Once you order, an email will be promptly sent to you with a link to download your copy of the Guide. Please note the guide is available only in digital format, not in print or hard-copy. 

So, what are you waiting for? ALL of the risk is on me to deliver the goods.


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