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“Final” Winter 2016-17 Outlook

With the mainly mild and quiet autumn we’ve had until this week, it’s natural to wonder if that will carry into the winter. The dominant EPO+ weather pattern (persistent low pressures near Alaska) has maintained a strong zonal flow across North America, keeping the cold air locked up over Siberia. I’m fond of saying “The snow pack […]


One more hurt, then… Update 1/7/16

Yes, we had a cold blast this week, but that’s only part of the transition to what I expect for the heart of the winter from mid-late January thru February. You’re not going to go from record warmth in December to hard core winter without the proverbial two-steps forward, one-step backwards. Unfortunately when a seismic […]


Winter, Missing in Action! Update 12/11/15

It’s been another brown week here in ilsnow land. I don’t see any real change coming for a while. So, I will give you a thumbnail sketch of what is going to happen for the remainder of December and more important: What needs to happen for winter to FINALLY make a show of force around […]