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Snowmobiling Conditions for 1/25/13 with the Weekend Outlook

Marginal snowmobiling conditions will be the rule this weekend. But you can have some fun if you’re smart about it. The heavily-traveled narrow woods trails will be bony, but the groomers have been out trying to make the best of what we’ve got. Best snowmobile riding should be found on the seasonal roads like Perkins […]


Snowmobiling Conditions for 1/20/13

I ran my snowmobile over to Adirondack Mountain Sports this afternoon to have them repair the damage from Friday’s ride. From what little I actually saw on the village trails, they were snirty and bony with considerable studder-chop, especially on the C8 spur out to Adirondack Mountain Sports. Here is a report from Cal’s trip […]


Indian Lake to Moose River Plains 1/18/13

I had the day off and saw fresh groomer tracks from the roadside yesterday, so I threw caution into the wind and embarked on a ride. The inner village trails were bony and snirty, but flat and entirely ride-able. C8 spur from the village to Adirondack Mountain Sports was bony with bare spots under the […]