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NYSSA Safe Trails Education Program (STEP) Class

  In an effort to help NYSSA Member clubs better manage risks as they maintain snowmobile trails, the NYSSA Board of Directors approved a Risk Management Plan called the Safe Trails Education Program (STEP) back in 2009.  STEP is designed to provide education to club representatives on issues arising from legal wordings in New York State snowmobile law, […]


Video footage of Ohio Tavern Flat Drags 12/2/12

Darrin Jr and I took a jaunt down to the Ohio Tavern today to watch the SHCRA Snowmobile Flat Drags. Despite the scant snow cover and rain, there was a pretty good turnout. I must say that it did hurt to see those snowmobiles churning up rooster tails of dirt and stone. After an hour […]


Why you SHOULD join DRAG of Speculator

Dedicated Residents to Area Grooming (DRAG) of Speculator was created in 2004 by Bob Carr and Rick Swift to help the Town of Lake Pleasant maintain the village trails. Like any other start-up, DRAG started with old, small pieces of grooming equipment. Through paid sponsorships and donations, DRAG has been able to upgrade their grooming […]