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Winter 2016-17 Outlook

With all of these predictions for “La Niña Super Cold and Snowy Winters” people are starting to ask me what I think this winter might bring. It’s a bit amusing because my Winter Outlook 2015-16 was just about as wrong as it could be. I think the only thing I got right was that winter would be […]


On the Edge of Elimination: Update 2/22/16

Let’s get the trail conditions of the way: They’re awful! If you want to slither around on the crust and pick your way through frozen dirt with a fan-cooled beater snowmobile the next couple of days, have at it. You might find decent riding if you can worm your way to the back side of […]


The week ahead: Update 2/11/16

Well, I can only look upon this week as a tremendous waste of opportunity. The deep trough did carve its way through the eastern United States, but the smaller scale features were far too disjointed and disorganized to produce the major snowstorm we desperately needed. At any rate, Indian Lake picked up about 2-3 inches of […]