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SnoCade Ride to Newcomb and Beyond 2/20/14

2/21 PM Update: Inch of new snow Thursday evening was washed away by over an inch of rain today. We’re not wiped out by any means; I still have a foot-and-a-half of snow in my yard. But the lakes have tons of slush on them. Low-lying sections of trail near swamps, river and brooks are […]


Another big loop! Indian Lake, Newcomb, Long Lake, Raquette Lake, Moose River Plains 3/23/13

Cal emailed me last night, wanting to do the big loop via Newcomb, Long Lake and the new Raquette Lake to Moose River trail. The very thought of riding that goat path between Raquette Lake and Moose River Plains about sent me into anaphylactic shock, but I’ve been wanting to do that loop for a […]


One-Two Punch Friday and Saturday: Update 12/19/12

The upcoming storm will be a ONE-TWO combination. You can see the two players here Friday morning. Storm 1 is for Friday. Storm 2 is for Saturday: Friday: There are 2 notable things about Storm 1: 1. Marginally cold air in place. 2. STRONG southeast flow as shown by the tightly packed black lines. These […]